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Le Terroir - from Burgundy to Boise

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Burgundy is known for its entrepreneurial spirit. From wine making, to new shop concepts, you can find brilliant business minds in the Burgundy region. In our small city of Boise, ID we have one of those entrepreneurs. Rémi and I met in Chalon-sur-saône over 25 years ago and have been friends since then. Life brought him here in Idaho. After many years in the food industry, he is now ready to start his own business "Le terroir". Read more to learn about his journey and his business.

Bonjour Rémi! You are from Burgundy originally and made your way to Idaho, where in Burgundy are you from?

I’m from a village on the Côte Chalonnaise called Jambles nestled in the wine country. It’s about 15min outside of the town of Chalon sur Saône where I went to school from elementary until high school. I lived in the countryside but my parents worked in the city, it was roughly the size of Boise to the scale of France.

Can you tell us how the region of Burgundy has influenced your new concept: Terroir?

Burgundy embodies the meaning of “Terroir”, that sense of place, it is one of the 5 major wine regions of France producing world renowned Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. It’s also a gastronomic mecca with more cheeses that you could dream of. Fun fact for the culinary enthusiasts, it also has the most Michelin star restaurants of any region in France. All that relates to those many Terroirs you find there nestled between amazingly diverse landscapes and micro climates. Growing up there gave me that love of food and hospitality, and I wanted to share that passion for the Terroirs with Idaho. I fell in love with Idaho and the Pacific Northwest with its incredible bounty of products to cook with and the fantastic seasonality.

What is Terroir and why did you choose this name for your company?

Terroir is a new culinary project here in the Treasure Valley, a collaboration between my associate Chef Nate Whitley and myself. After years in the Boise food & hospitality scene we want to bring this concept of an Artisan Shop offering specialty food and wines in a more retail setting. A line of products made from humanely raised animals, farm products coming from sustainable agriculture, a focus on what nature has to offer in its own terms. That’s where the true flavors of the different Terroirs are coming from. Think of a Traiteur in Europe or a Bodega where you’ll find butcher cuts of meat, value added products like sausages, charcuterie, cheeses and prepared meals. Essential kitchen ingredients like quality olive oils, vinegars, spices as well as wines and beers to compliment your food purchases. Things will be available in the retail shop and online through subscriptions and deliveries. Every product we will offer will relate to their Terroir in some way. People care more and more about where their food comes from but also how it’s produced, that’s where the influence of place, soil, climate and the people working it is so essential, that’s the meaning of TERROIR. We think it truly fits our approach and philosophy to food and hospitality and we want to share this with the Treasure Valley. How can our readers support Terroir? Are they any upcoming events you would like to share with us?

We are raising money for the project and in search of a space to establish our kitchen and retail space. In the meantime we are currently doing some private events, personal chef services and meal kits from time to time.

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