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Curated travel consulting with the Live and Learn expertise

Travel consulting

Are you dreaming of an authentic way of discovering France but cannot join one of our curated retreats? We can help you design a Live and Learn experience of your own with our focus on living well, enjoying food and wine and spending time with family and friends. Stay in authentic French lodging, connect with local experts, experience regional culture, and enjoy traditional cuisine.


As we do with our trips, there will be time to explore, as well as time to slow down and embrace the French way of life.

Benefit from our expertise and let us help you design a personalized itinerary that caters to your specific interests and needs. 

Marie-Anne and Hortense

Marie-Anne Glover Hortense Everett French lessons French Retreat Live and Learn
Standing in Lavender Fields

What is included?


After an initial phone/video conversation to discuss your vision for your trip, we will provide our curated digital guide with:

Transportation & logistics Information

Lodging options
Daily Activity o
Daily Sightseeing
Daily Restaurant options

Consultation fee $120 per travel day


What sorts of activities does your group enjoy?

Thank you for trusting us. We will review your intake form and schedule a follow up phone/video consultation. 

Merci !

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