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Live and Learn Retreat French lessons

About Us

Live and Learn is our way of bringing to you curated immersive retreats, workshops and online French language lessons. It encompasses all of our passions: traveling, hosting, and eating good food while sharing our love of French culture and language.


We invite you to experience the French art de vivre and live with us like locals in authentic and luxurious homes. Improve your French with tailored lessons, participate in cultural workshops, learn to cook a French gourmet meal from market to table, and tour with an exclusive local guide. Come Live and Learn with us.

Authentically, comme à la maison.

Hortense and Marie-Anne

Live and Learn Retreat French lessons
Marie-Anne Glover Hortense Everett Live and Learn French lessons

Hortense and Marie-Anne are both franco-americans. French at heart but American by choice. They have roots in Idaho where they currently reside with their family. They love, know and appreciate both of their worlds. They can now look at both cultures with a keen and kind eye.


They settled in the U.S. where they fell in love with its people and their generous hard working spirit. They still feel the strong pull to go home to their native country. They have this insatiable desire to keep French traditions alive within their American lives.


Their passion for sharing their language and culture begins at home ; and continues in their classrooms.

Hortense et Marie-Anne sont toutes les deux franco-américaines. Françaises de cœur mais américaines d'adoption. Elles vivent aux Etats-Unis depuis 20 ans, elles ont posé leurs valises en Idaho où elles résident avec leurs familles. Elles aiment, connaissent et savent apprécier leurs deux mondes. Leur sens de l'humour s'est aiguisé et elles ont appris à regarder les deux cultures d'un œil éclairé et bienveillant.


Aux États-Unis, elles ont fait leurs vies, sont tombées amoureuses de ses habitants, de leur générosité et de leur sens du travail. Leur désir insatiable de faire vivre les traditions françaises dans leurs vies américaines s’accompagne d’un besoin irrésistible de rentrer « chez elles » régulièrement.


Cette passion pour la transmission de leur langue et de leur culture commence à la maison, et continue dans leur salle de classe.

Meet the Team

Marie-Anne Glover


5 years university teaching experience

5 years French immersion experience

6 years private teaching experience

Native French speaker

Speaks English fluently

Hortense Everett


5 years university teaching experience

15 years high school teaching experience

8 years private teaching experience

Native French speaker

Speaks English fluently

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