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Le sport en France

Allez les bleus, allez les bleus!

You will hear this chant often, and usually related to football...the real football, the one played with the foot :) yes, we are talking about soccer, or as we say in French: Le foot!

À la piscine - at the pool

Le distributeur - vending machine

Les vestiaires - changing rooms

Those who took a plunge in a public pool in France might have had a fun time noticing some cultural curiosities

Speedos for men! Don't think you can jump in with board shorts. Speedos are required. There are many choices now beyond the leopard and glittery ones we have all seen, and maybe wore!

Swim caps for all! Men, women, kids all must wear a beautiful fancy swim caps - rest assured, that way we are all equal in front of the mirror :)

If you forget your cap and or speedo, rest assured you will not be turned away. Most pools have vending machines with essentials so you don't have to skip on that swim.

Most community pools have shared changing rooms.

You will enter in individual cabins that you can lock but you will share a common space with others.

Showers are separated by gender; however, they are not enclosed, so we recommend you keep your swimsuit and speedos on if you don't want to be asked to leave...

No shoes are allowed on the pool deck - all swimmers or pool users must walk through a little puddle of chlorinated water before entering the pool.

The video shared below takes you through the process of getting into La piscine municipale during covid times. Some of these protocoles have changed, but you can get a good idea of the changing rooms and typical swimming attires.

Les sports collectifs - team sports vs Les sports individuels - individual sports.

Some of the sports most practiced by young people in France are running (29 %), swimming(31 %) and soccer (27 %).Tennis, Rugby, Equestrian sports, and Judo are also very popular. You most likely have heard or watched the famous Rolland Garros tennis event held on clay in Paris.

Soccer is also the pride of the French, with everlasting rivalries between French teams le PSG (Paris-Saint-Germain_ and l'OM (Olympique de Marseille.

Driving from the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport into Paris, you will get a nice glimpse at the Stade de France where most of these games are held.

Club sports - low cost, sports for everyone

64% of French people practice a sport at least once a week. At school, students receive 3 hours a week of PE instruction.There is no school team unlike in the US. If kids want to pursue more activities, they join a club in their town/city. As of 2022, kids benefit from a Pass'sport of $50/child to sign up for a club. Note that registrations fees are inexpensive compared to the US. Ex: 100-200 euros/year to join a swim team.

Les courses, les compètes - races, competition (slang)

When racing in France, you cannot partake in a competitive event - running, biking, triathlon etc...without getting a medical certificate - "un certificat médical d'aptitude à.... ".This requires a trip to the doctor's office where you will be examined for underlying conditions preventing you from safely participating.

There are running races almost every weekend and cross country running is a very popular sport.

Les films sur le thème du sport

A classic - Les bronzés font du ski! It doesn't matter how many times I watch this comedy, I laugh just as hard every single time. It is a good glimpse at French humor if you feel up for it.

Here is a short trailer to start or end your day on a fun note.

Other movie recommendations from France Channel TV

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