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Official regulations subject to change at any time

Planning any trip requires the understanding that COVID-19 is now a part of our everyday lives. Whether we’re out running an errand or planning an adventure, our daily choices are all about mitigating risk. Our updated procedures, in concert with our international teams and country specific requirements, are actions designed to enhance safety and sanitation. Our expectations that travelers’ maintain updated health and hygiene standards is implicit in each departure. 


Please note that the current restrictions of entry into France for American citizens no longer requires full Covid vaccination or a negative test. Here is a link with updated information.

These regulations are subject to change at any time. If you are not an American citizen, different regulations may apply. Please reach out with any questions.


Our policies will shift and change in accordance with international governments and best practices so that you can focus on the sheer enjoyment of adventuring. We are following recommendations set out by the WHO, the CDC, the ATTA and the world renowned Cleveland Clinic and the World Travel & Tourism Council, as well as foreign governments and health equivalents that set protocols for their country’s safety. Your decision to travel will be a personal one and our procedures are designed to assure you of the steps we are taking to promote healthy and safe adventures.

Health pass - No longer in place as of 05/24/22

Testing upon return - No longer in place as of 05/24/22 

However, if you are NOT an American citizen, you are required to show proof of Full covid vaccination upon entry into the US. We will update here if this changes.

Small Groups

While the locations in which we adventure can host/handle big groups, the unique experiences we create to sink into the culture and nature of a destination cannot.  We believe in the power of small group connections and that small size plays easily into appropriate distancing.

 Cultural immersions will follow local guidelines for sanitation and mask-wearing.  Social distancing will be practiced with any indoor cultural activity.


Flexible Booking Policy

Deposits remain non-refundable except in the event of border closures due to COVID-19.  If you reserved a trip in 2022/2023 and it needs to be delayed due to a border closure, we will offer you a full refund or the option to move your reservation to an alternative date.

Mindful Health & Sanitation

Much of the sanitation process in rooms, kitchens and restaurants will happen prior to your arrival, but rest assured, it is all being done.  Kitchen staff for catered meals and at partner restaurants will be wearing masks in accordance with local government requirements and all travelers will be required to wear masks in indoor settings when distancing is not possible.  We ask that all travelers bring two to three masks depending on the length of the adventure and their own hand sanitizer.  Sanitizer will be available in most locations but travelers will need their own supply for flying to and from a trip as well as when exploring on their own.

All travelers are required to report any adverse health symptoms immediately.  Our teachers, guides and managers are there to help with any needed medical attention and quarantine.  Travelers are required to contact Live and Learn with any adverse symptoms 10 days prior to departure.  Anyone arriving with a temperature greater than or equal to 100*F will not be able to join the group and anyone experiencing symptoms during a trip will be quarantined and will need a doctor’s approval before rejoining the group.  Travelers agree to maintain and follow our enhanced sanitation standards for the overall health and wellbeing of all.


Private Transports

As always, when out on the road as a group our vehicles are private for our groups.  This means the only people you’ll be exposed to when going from point A to B is the group you’ve been with all week, the driver and the guide.  In all cases where possible, the driver and guide will be the same on each excursion and everyone on board will be required to wear a mask.

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